Helping Product-Based Businesses Increase Their Profits
without more accountants, penny-pinching, stress or overwhelm

Join Me On a Journey of Team work and Cost Efficiency!

 I help small and medium-sized product-based businesses increase their profits. I do it with a jargon-free, no-nonsense approach to getting your team working together and embedding cost-efficiency into your product right from the beginning of its lifecycle.
Lisa Tidswell, Founder
My Company Allows Your Company to Grow Financially and Sustainably
The result is an improvement in your profits, but along with way you also benefit from:
  • Increased Employee Engagement 
  • Team Cohesion
  • New Product Launch Confidence
In the foundations, we develop the mindset to keep everyone on the right page without the whinging and stress that comes from a disconnect in new product introduction, making sure things happen right, the first time!

Using these techniques, we get the full team to think like a business owner (without the silos or overwhelm) to increase clarity and engagement, while developing an understanding of the current business state and how each role contributes to business success.
Building on the strong foundations, we focus the team efforts on the right target so no one is stressed about doing their work twice, and can work together to get the best value for the project spend. 

Aligning the cross-functional team we work to maximise product sales and profits, without expending excessive energy stressing about the process, while also increasing product and marketing confidence.
Imagine being able to measure the financial status of a project at any state and being able to act quickly before poorly performing products drag your business down.

We upskill your team to use data to help you choose next steps, without huge time investments while increasing cross-functional collaboration.
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